Jay Lipman, Founder of Test Your Best, has over 20 years of experience tutoring students, teaching test prep classes, and training other teachers to do the same; he has developed a unique and highly successful approach to helping students Learn to Succeed!™

Many families have been misinformed about how colleges view the ACT and SAT. The SAT Subject Tests are also unfamiliar to many parents and students. Let Test Your Best guide you through the testing process from start to finish.

The first step is usually a detailed phone conversation with TYB’s Founder, Jay Lipman, to discuss your family’s needs and decide whether your student will work with Jay or with one of our other fantastic tutors.

Next, we schedule a Family Consultation. This initial Family Consultation is an integral part of our process and involves the student and at least one parent. During this session we get to know the student’s testing and academic history. We discuss goals and develop a personalized program that the student can use to start moving toward those goals right away.

Discussion during the Family Consultation often centers on making an initial determination about which test(s) the student will take and when he or she will sit for the test(s).

Tutoring sessions following the Family Consultation can be scheduled as frequently as desired, at a convenient time for the student.

Regardless of when we plan to start tutoring, the Family Consultation typically takes place between spring of Sophomore year and September of Junior year. By mid-September we are usually fully booked through the February ACT and March SAT.